About Us

 This is Charlotte

This is Charlotte

Favourite time of year:

Summer! Or winter if it snows...

I can't live without my...

Tupperwear- I'm never far from one

Favourite ZW snack:

A piece of banana cake, nom.

 And that is Anna

And that is Anna

I relax by:

Reading, I read ALL the time

Favourite colour:


Biggest ZW fail:

Making yoghurt, it curdling, then spilling everwhere- but it was still edible!


We were both born in the UK, Charlotte from Bristol and Anna from Lincolnshire. Both of us had eco conscious parents growing up but we never took it much further than just recycling. It wasn't until we both discovered zero waste on the Christmas of 2016 that our lives really changed. 

We now live in Birmingham and London, and use this blog to document our adventures, successes and failers. 

If we inspire you to make a change- however big or small, please let us know!