Hey, we’re Charlotte & Anna

And we used to hate taking the bin out!

So much so, that the dislike of this task has lead us to live a Zero Waste Life. We now send virtually nothing to landfill every single day, and have done so since the start of 2017, when we challenged each other to a New Years Resolution to live Zero Waste for a whole year!

We started our resolution full of optimism, and began to realise how tricky our lives were about to become… we can happily say that zero waste living is now way easier, in fact, we both believe it has enriched our lives. From saving us money, encouraging us to eat better and making us feel more connected to this awesome planet.

It was our friends who recommended we began blogging, to discuss what we were learning. As we began blogging, we felt like such frauds! How could we tell anyone about how to live a Zero Waste Life, when we were still learning ourselves?! But that is exactly what our blog is all about- making positive changes, whilst being open about the hard bits (and the awesome bits too!) to encourage others to begin or continue their own journey towards zero waste living- using the resources and time they have access to.

This is Charlotte

This is Charlotte

Favourite time of year:

Summer! Or winter if it snows...

I can't live without my...

Tupperware! I'm never far from it.

Favourite zero waste snack:

A piece of banana cake, nom.

And that is Anna

And that is Anna

I relax by:

Reading. I read ALL the time.

Favourite colour:


Biggest zero waste fail:

Making yoghurt, it curdling, then spilling everywhere – but it was still edible!