Eco Week Activities

Eco Week is all about the three R's  -reduce, reuse, recycle

But we wont learn about these from books or the TV, we're going do things! Whether that is making our own pasta, building bug hotels or making recycled art, we will be sure to make a positive impact on our local community and our world whilst producing absolutely no landfill waste.

The activities may change- dependant on the weather! 



Each day, we will make all the food we consume- from pasta sauces, to bread and cheeses.

And maybe a few sweet treats too!

We will make up-cycled art and our very own reusable items.



Why is there more plastic in the ocean than fish?

Why does a crisp packet take 450 years to biodegrade?

What can we do about it?

Some of the most inspiring environmentalists around Birmingham are answer these questions for us and together we can learn about the world around us.



Using the skills learnt from all the things we're making and the knowledge gained from learning about the world around us we're going to ensure we make a positive impact to our local environments.

We will be  visiting our local allotments, community gardens and environmental charities.