Hey hey,

I’m Charlotte, a Zero Waste Lifestyle Designer to compassionate females. I’ve lived Zero Waste for over two years.

A Zero Waste Life. Anna


I’m Anna, the one behind the camera. I started living Zero Waste at the same time as Charlotte in 2017. I run my own business, Anna Rachel Photography.

A Zero Waste Life

I see you,

I know where you're at right now and I know what’s in your heart. You want to live more consciously, right? To feel the joy a sustainable life can bring, a life that you love and to make difference in the world. You want to have an impact right? Me too! There’s nothing wrong with that. I want all of those things for you too.

See, I know more about you than you think because you are not here by accident. You are reading this because we share lots of the same values, beliefs and dreams. I know there is a passion inside of you, a purpose, a mission. That feeling of restlessness you have been experiencing is because you know that you are meant for so much more and you know its time to rid yourself of self blame and begin to inspire others.

I have dedicated my life to helping women like you because I know that you are unique, a change maker and a heart centred go getter. Its who you are! That's why you can no longer settle for anything less than awesome. An awesome lifestyle, making a real difference and showing others how to do the same.

But you need some help right?

To do good, you actually have to do something Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia.png

The reason I do what I do in the way I do it is because of all the depressing stuff out there right now. You know what I mean, the million and one things we get told we have to do to look after the planet. The “one and only thing” that’ll reduce our carbon footprint.

You can wake up inspired to make positive changes in the world but if you don't know were to start and what to do, the overwhelm sets in and you begin to question everything.

You are not a bad person for letting the overwhelm get the better of you. You just need a step by step eco strategy and someone to show you the way. 

I won’t claim to be your expert or guru I’ll just teach you the exact steps I took to live a Zero Waste Life, reclaim my joy and step fully away from the choke hold of consumerist modern day life.

I understand all of the parts needed to have a long lasting low impact life, recuse I’ve been there and made the mistakes myself.


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