Supermarkets Unsustainable Secrets

There are sooo many misconceptions when it comes to shopping in an eco friendly way. People often think that being zero waste you must never shop in supermarkets but actually we do, more often than people think. When I go into a supermarket, I'll have two options either the bakery section and delicatessen or the fruit and veg isle. Since I've been Zero Waste, I swear I've actually gained hours back in my life from spending less time in the supermarket and simplifying my weekly shop. 


However, sometimes I get 'hangry'- I'm at the train station, short on time and I've left my bags and boxes at home, so buying foods waste free gets tricky.

Usually, we don't name and shame companies on here- thats not what we're here for. However, M&S I'm going to have to shame you.

M&S was once one of my favourite supermarkets- their chocolate raisins and Percy Pigs used to keep my world turning. But since going ZW M&S has deemed completely useless.


Their fruit is in packaging which can't be recycled. 


Most of their products have this silly symbol which just means that the factory where the product came from recycles but you can't recycle this product (so silly I know). 


Putting all their bread in plastic, can supermarkets agree just to stop this? 


But, its not all doom and gloom. Like I said, I still shop at these supermarkets.

Here are my handy tips and tricks I've learnt through shopping at supermarkets in a Zero Waste way:

  • Look for products that are in recycled packaging like glass or tin 
  • Keep away from plastic as much as you can 
  • In most supermarkets aim for the bakery isle that's usually full of exciting packaged free goods 
  • Fruit is a good and healthy snack which normally is package free too (yay!) 
  • Basically don't shop at M&S (sorry M&S but things need to change, including you)

Okay, now back to how to buy meat package free. So I unlike most people in London I don't live a Vegan lifestyle, however, I do eat less meat than I used to for environmental reasons. Plus all my meat is from sustainable sources (I grew up on a farm, so buying local is really important to me).

Turning Zero Waste in January meant I was really struggling to buy meat because of the unnecessary plastic packaging (if you haven't twigged already plastic isn't my favourite material)

I didn't eat meat for ages.


One day I was at a big supermarket, these are hard to find in London, and I had my lunch box with me (don't worry, it was clean) I was looking at some lovely British sausages on the butchers counter and was asked if I wanted anything. Immediately I was going to say 'nope' but then I remembered my clean container.

And bam as easy as that meat was re-introduced, with no plastic at all!