Our 10 day Zero Waste Challenge

Back in January, we ran a 10 day Zero Waste Challange, and it was more successful than either of us imagined! Lots of people joined in, and we had great fun seeing our Instagram and Facebook followers joining in.

If you want to take the challenge, take a look at the steps below. You can do it any time, and at any speed or do all 10 steps at once.

Our friend Chloe took the challenge and had some surprising outcomes....g


Day one- Bring a bag


If you're like us, you probably have tonnes! Pop it in your bag or car so you don't forget it when you're on the go


Day two- Refuse a straw


Straws are made of crappy non- recyclable plastic, which means they can contaminate the enviroment and hurt wildlife easiley. They're usually only used for about 20 minutes, but last up to 500 years, so refuse to use it the next time you buy a drink.

Day three- Reject those freebies


Free pens, notepads, vouchers, fliers.... do you NEED them? How will they improve your life? If the answer is that they won't or you already have one (like a pen) refuse a freebie, to show marketeers that we want sustainable alternatives when it comes to advertising.

Day four- Pack your lunch


Om nom nom. Us two LOVE food! We're always on the go, so to avoid getting hangry, we ensure we pack our food before we head out for the day. Taking our own food eliminates the need for single use packaging.

This is a bonus, if like me, you have food intolerance, so need to know what is in what you eat.

Day five- Bring a water bottle


Fill it with water, squash or prosecco if you're having one of those days...

We find having a bottle on us makes us drink more. We've sacrificed the bag space for it- so we may as well make the most of it!

Day six- Take a coffee away (in your own mug!)


Don't have a reusable coffee cup? Ask to drink your coffee in the cafe in a china mug.

Day seven- Have a single-use plastic free day

We put this one on day 7, as you can combine everything you've done on the last 6 days to make this work.

Go on- you got this!

Day eight- Make your own snack

Why not try protein snacks, a flapjack, nuts toasted in oils or homemade crisps?

Day nine- Buy or make a ZW beauty product

We're not trying to say you don't already look incredible- because you sure do!

But the beauty industry fills our products with harmful chemicals, dyes and micro-plastics. Then they package them in non recyclable containers. Why not make your own or buy a bar of soap?

Day ten- Repurpose something


Let your imagination run wild with this one!

Odd sock= friendly sock puppet

Holey t-shirt= new kitchen surface wipes

Old pillow case= new produce bag

Brown bananas= banana cake


Or maybe you just need to get round to fixing that button, zip, or hole in your clothes!