When your child goes Zero Waste

When Anna first mentioned zero waste I thought she was stark raving mad. How on earth was she going to cut out all packaging whilst running her own business and living in London? 


She's totally amazed me. Package-free food purchasing is almost impossible in Scunthorpe, or so I thought. What Anna has made me do is start to think about how to buy food. Luckily for us, we run a farm shop where the butchery can provide me with package free meat (we cut meat from whole carcases) but the temptation is still to serve a customer with a plastic bag.


We can get fruit from the wholesalers and do sell fruit and veg in a paper bag (or straight into a shopping bag). We gave up giving out plastic bags for life and now provide paper, still with a 5p donation to try and deter more paper use.


I'm trying to remind myself to always carry a thermal coffee mug to stop using takeaway cups. I’ve even converted our restaurant and play barn to compostable takeaway cups and non-plastic, ‘plastic' milkshake cups, they cost a little more but I hope our customers appreciate it.

Anna has wiggled her thoughts into my brain. Once you start seeing it, plastic is being produced and used everywhere. Supermarkets especially are stacked full of it. I love a good quality ready meal but the packaging is always non-recyclable and there's just too much of it.

I unpacked a whole range of exciting gifts Christmas for our gift barn yesterday and was dismayed at the amount of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap should be banned – there are far better ways of packaging safely – I’ve heard that popcorn is popular (we could then feed it to our hens).


Am I zero waste? No, but my nuisance of a daughter is slowly converting me and my business – who else is brave enough to try?


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