Zero Bathroom Waste

For each bathroom product I use, I'll explain:

What I use…

Why I use it…

And how I get or use it…

Toilet roll

What do I use? I use recycled toilet paper from Who Gives a Crap.

Why do I use it? Shrink wrapping around supermarket bought toilet rolls cannot be recycled. Toilet paper is also often bleached, which leaks out into our water supply.

How do I get it? I order online in bulk and it can be delivered wherever is convenient – so no more lugging toilet roll back from the shop! It also supports the building of toilets around the rest of the world.

Alum block – this doubles up to sooth shaving rash and as a deodrant.

Alum block – this doubles up to sooth shaving rash and as a deodrant.


What do I use? A beautiful butterfly razor with an alum block and coconut oil to moisturise and soothe the skin.

Why do I use it? A butterfly razor doesn’t produce waste each time it's used, and the razors can be sharpened (carefully!) or disposed of in a sharps box.

How do I use it? Wet and rub the coconut oil all over the area to be shaved. Using the butterfly razor at a 45-degree angle, shave in short strokes. Wash the area, and rub a wet alum block over the area. Watch a video first for tips!


Shampoo and conditioner

What do I use? Bicarbonate of soda and apple cider vinegar.

Why do I use it? Back to those pesky chemicals again! It's also way less harsh on your hair and great if you have dandruff. Plus, there's no packaging to recycle at the end.

How do I use it? Dissolve a spoonful of bicarbonate of soda in a cup of water. Pour over the scalp and massage in the scalp to the roots. Rinse off. Dissolve a spoonful of apple cider vinegar into a fresh cup of water and pour over the head and massage again. Rinse and dry as normal.

Full instructions can be found on our hair blog.


Body wash

What do I use? Coconut oil, an unpackaged soap or a homemade potion!

Why do I use it? Chemicals, packaging waste – same story, different product.

How do I use it? The soap and coconut oil are self-explanatory. If you find these too dry or too moisturising, you can make your own body wash! Experiment yourselves, but Id suggest trying some of the following:


Castile soap is a great base to whatever you make, as it ensures you actually get clean! You can buy it in a bar or a bottle.


Coconut oil or argan oil work well, but will probably separate from the other ingredients used. Just give your bottle/tub a good shake before use.

Plant milk

I love using coconut oil on my body.


Sugar and ground oats can be added to the milk or oils to get rid of dry skin and ingrown hairs.

Essential oils

Make your magic potion smell how you like!

Toothy tabs from LUSH (store them in the bottle they come in though, or they go mushy! I've learnt the hard way!)

Toothy tabs from LUSH (store them in the bottle they come in though, or they go mushy! I've learnt the hard way!)

Dental Care

What do I use? A bamboo toothbrush, solid tooth paste, biodegradable floss and natural mouth wash.

Why do I use all this? All the plastic toothbrushes ever made are still on this planet! That’s an outstanding amount of non-recyclable waste. It's the exact same for all other dental care products; they're built to last way beyond their use.

How do I get it? Health food shops sell them, or you can order online.

Bubble bath

What do I use? Epsom salts, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, or oats.

Why do I use them? This feels like my go to point at the moment, but it's to do with all those darn chemicals again. They're not good for my skin and are certainly not good for the marine life who end up with it washed into their habitat.

How do I use it? The typical ratio is one cup to a full tub of water. Epsom salts are relaxing and great for muscle aches.

Apple cider vinegar is great for mild skin irritations, so I use this if I have really bad eczema to help calm it. I also wash my hair with this, so I can do a 2-in-1 job of washing my skin and hair with this one. I recommend having a clean rise after washing in apple cider vinegar.

Coconut oil is moisturising, whilst oats are exfoliating. Both are mild enough to use with sensitive skin. Add a tiny bit of coconut oil to a bath (careful, the bath gets slippy!) and add more if you like. Wizz the oats up in a blender and add to the water, or tie them into a small muslin bag and suspend around the bath tap into the water.

Let us know if these inspire you to make any changes to your bathroom routine!