Happiness is... having a hankie

Your granny probably always has one, maybe your dad too.

Why have they gone so out of vogue? They can be easily washed and reused, plus if you carry round more than one, they can do a lot more than jusy mop up a snotty nose...

Introducing, the humble handkerchief! 


This tiny piece of cotton is one of the best zero waste essentials that I carry – apart from my water bottle of course. It has so many uses that I thought I'd list a few in case you were still reading this thinking I've gone completely mad. 

You can use your hankie:

  1. Every time someone hands you a napkin (which is basically every meal time in London) you can happily refuse and whip out your trusty handkerchief

  2. When your elbow slips off the table and you spill a drink all over the table, ta-dah, you can mop it up pronto

  3. When something leaks on your bag

  4. When you have a cold and don't want to waste money and paper on catching snot (plus it's a lot softer on your skin).

  5. When you need to clean your fork ready for that yummy packed lunch...

  6. When you need to clean your phone or glasses

The list is endless...


And what's great about the humble handkerchief is that it fits in any bag because it hardly takes up any space! 

I was really lucky in that I inherited around 20 hankies, all with lovely embroidery on that were passed down through my family. However, if you're not so lucky, hath no fear as you can make a hanky with practically anything. I find an old t-shirt works best because of its high cotton content, but an old table cloth also works. Be as creative as you like. Me and Charlotte would love to see your creations below! 


I hope this has persuaded you to make a beautiful handkerchief of your own. I promise you won't regret it!