A Zero Waste Hen Do

Personally, I’ve never had a hen do. However, I’ve been on my fair share.

As much as I love seeing all my friends travel across the country (and globe in some cases!) to celebrate the lead up to nuptials, hen parties are, sadly, fully of non-recyclable waste.

Waste comes in the form of those exciting penis straws, plastic cups and often plastic coated sashes that will rarely be worn again.

So, enough of the negative. I won't lecture you on a list of hen don't, but I have compiled a list of eco-friendly hen do dos (I'm confusing myself with all these double meanings!)...

Make as much of the hen do 'tat' as re-usable as possible

Maybe you can buy or make fabric sashes for everyone, which you could wear each time someone else in your friendship group gets married. You've then ticked that 'something old' box from the wedding traditions list!

People who use straws suck!

Ditch the straws – they may be fun but it’s not really worth it for extra landfill waste.


Make your own games

I found that a lot of games were made out of plastic. Charlotte and I bought a game made out of cotton when we attended the hen do for our university friend, Lydia. It was so much fun and we played it throughout the night! Again, we can re-use it over and over. 

Keep an eye out for plastic glasses

At the moment everyone seems to be using plastic champagne glasses because they are cheap. Charlotte and I sneakily made sure everyone used washable glasses instead. No one even noticed the difference, plus, it feels classier!


Be conscious of useless gifting

Hen do presents and cards are becoming more popular, but I opt to buy the brides something extra special for their wedding present. If you do want to buy a present, think about what they really need, whether they will re-use it and try to keep it recyclable. Or, if they're having a honeymoon, some money may be a more welcome gift.

Plan your alcohol

Buy your alcohol in glass or tin (again, this ticks that classy box I was on about!) and avoid mixers in plastic bottles. Plastic is rubbish! 

Since living a zero waste lifestyle I see things from a completely new perspective and this is the same with hen parties. Before I opted in for zero waste living, I wouldn’t have thought twice about going to a hen do. I would have drank, ate and socialised without a second thought. Now things are different: I’m conscious of what we're throwing away and what's being wasted. Having throwaway items at a celebration all about ensuring love seems like a strange juxtaposition to me. 

Sometimes I feel a bit like a detective trying to stop waste from happening before it starts. There are also sites that recommends the best places to go for a greener hen do. 

My top hen do tip is to come prepared. Bring your own...

  • Bottle

  • Tupperware

  • Utensils

  • Handkerchief

  • Coffee cup

  • Pre made snacks (just in case!)

  • And if you're someone who wants to 'glam up' for this hen do, a second hand or vintage clutch bag to fit all of this in would be awesome!