Guest Blog- Put the cap on bottled water use

Plastic bottles are bad news for us and the environment. In this blog post I'm going to tell you why, but first, a few facts about their usage.

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Four hundred eighty billion were purchased worldwide in 2016, that’s right billion with a B. Another scary stat highlighting the prevalence of plastic water bottles is that 1 million are purchased globally every minute.

This is a crazy amount of single-use plastic, 91% of which will end up discarded, and a growing portion of these bottles will end up in the oceans.

But why is that so bad?

Plastic bottles are made from a common plastic, known as PET, and while PET isn’t the most toxic of plastics, it can still have negative repercussions on human health, from its production right through to disposal.

Nickel, Benzene and BPA to name but a few are all present in the production process and finished product and in much greater amounts than the equivalent glass bottle. These chemicals are responsible for a host of health problems - check out a blog post I covered on the topic over here.

They are also bad news for the environment, both from a physical perspective and chemical perspective. The same chemical nasties that are toxic to us are also toxic to aquatic life, and folks, toxicity is amplified in the ocean due to the concentrated effects of accumulated toxins as they move up the food chain when some unfortunate creature (often us) consumes the animal and the toxins along with it.

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Plastic bottles can also present problems from a physical standpoint when marine creatures get caught up in the plastic and drown or die as a result of ingesting plastic waste.

The solution is simple — switch out bottled water for a reusable drinking bottle and fill up for free. Reusable containers are better for you, better for the environment, better for marine life, and easy on your pocket to boot. When all things are considered it begs the question, why isn't everyone switching to reusable and ditching the plastic bottle?

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This post was brought to you by me, Josh - a scientist that works with reducing the toxicity of plastics in the pharmaceutical industry and founder of Soseas.

Soseas is a low-waste and plastic-free brand producing eco friendly, non-toxic alternatives to everyday plastic items - backed by science with sustainability in mind, you can find out more about Soseas over on our website.

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