Why I’m so over using chemical shampoo and soap

Solid bars of shampoo, conditioners and soaps are making a comeback. Before you assume that these are just for older generations, who have always used them, let me explain why I love using them way more than their liquid version now.

Anna and I received samples of Friendly Soap to try them out, and let you guys know why we love them so much. This is a sponsored post, but we only ever feature products we believe to be excellent, to fit with our ethos and to support us on our journey to zero waste.


No plastic bottle and lid to recycle

Friendly Soaps come in a cardboard box, which is 100% recyclable. I can keep a few spares in my cupboard without worrying that they’ll stick together, as they’re in the cardboard, but equally, I can reuse or recycle the card when I’m ready to, knowing that cardboard is one of the most easily recycled items across the UK.

Plastic bottles often have a harder plastic lid, and are labelled with the Mobius loop symbol and a number 7. These lids need to be recycled separately from the plastic bottle where I live. Whilst it’s not a huge effort to separate the plastic lids, and recycle them else where, recycling the Friendly Soap packaging is a whole lot easier.

A Zero Waste Life- Soap

Much much better for marine life

When ethically produced soaps and solid shampoos like this one are washed down our drains, they are not full of chemicals which may end up in animals’ habitats. Soaps like this aren’t tested on animals, and they won’t harm the environment after they have been used in the shower.  

Recent studies have also shown that these chemicals in shower gels, shampoos and conditioners from great for us to breath in. Using these products daily in a confined space like a shower can have detrimental effects on our lung capacity.

Lasts up to 80 washes!

No joke, solid shampoos last yonks! I have pretty short hair now, so I only need to lather up a bit of solid shampoo, massage it through my hair and wash it out.

Getting my hair used to solid shampoos has taken a fair few washes, due to the fact that the oils in my hair got used to the chemicals in liquid shampoos, so it took about three weeks to rebalance the oils, but now my hair is used to the solid shampoos, I actually wash my hair less- saving me water and time!

A Zero Waste Life- Solid Conditioner

Travelling with it is easier

When travelling with soaps and solid shampoos, they do not count as liquids, so you can travel lighter, or at least have more space for other liquids.

For me, these solid bars take up less space in my bag than the different bottles of shampoos and conditioners used to, so I overall take less when I travel.

When finished, it disappears into nothing

It really is zero waste! It doesn’t harm the environment during its use, or after. Solid shampoos really are fantastic, and we are so glad that they are so much easier to get hold of now.

Many thanks for Friendly Soaps for providing us with the soap samples to try out for this blog.

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