Orange Infused Cleaning Spray

We rent our property and the extractor fan in our bathroom has been broken since before we moved in, which means it can be prone to mould on a regular basis. It's usually found around the window ledges, in the shower cubicle and around the sink.

White vinegar in a repurposed spray bottle is the cheapest, most eco-friendly and easiest way I have found to clean this mould. 

White vinegar is an awesome cleaner.

I use it in the kitchen, on the hob, on the surfaces and around all of our appliances. Anyone who has seen me cook knows that I can go from a relatively clean kitchen to one that is covered in crumbs in a matter of moments. White vinegar is the one product which I use to get rid of all of the mess I make.

Sounds perfect, doesn't it? There's a drawback.

It STINKS! Like next level chip shop stink. It's overpowering and is the kind of smell that hits right at the back of your throat. 

However! It's easy to infuse with various things to get rid of that awful smell – and you can use things which would otherwise go to waste. Zero waste win!

This method is really easy to customise, just by using what you have to hand.



  • An old, clean jar

  • Sieve or colander

  • Bowl

  • Funnel or jug (if your aim is as awful as mine when decanting liquids)

  • An old, clean spray bottle

Infused Cleaning Vinegar

Author: A Zero Waste Life
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Defuse time: 2 weeks
Total Time: 2 weeks and 5 minutes!
Yield: 1 jar full – dependent on your jar
Dietary information: Eww, don't eat this

Category: Cleaning


  • Roughly a cup of white vinegar, this will depend on how big your jar is and how much you're planning to infuse it with

  • Citrus peels – orange, lemon and lime all work


  • Spices – cloves or star anise


  • Fresh herbs like sage or rosemary


  1. Add your peels, herbs and or spices to the jar. You want to fill it to quite near the top, but not pack it full

  2. Cover the contents of the jar in the white vinegar, filling the jar with about one cm of a gap between the vinegar and lid

  3. Screw the lid on, give it a gentle shake, and let it infuse in your cupboard for roughly 2-3 weeks

  4. Open the jar and pass the contents through a sieve or colander, catching the infused vinegar in the bowl

  5. Put the peels, herbs or spices onto your compost heap

  6. Decant the infused vinegar into the spray bottle

  7. Use as you wish. I often have a jar in my cupboard infusing, whilst I finish up the infused vinegar in the spray bottle!

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