Zero Waste Barcelona

Currency: Euros

Language: Spanish

What to bring: 

  • Drawstring bag – it’s perfect for carrying loose bakery items or fruit

  • Water bottle – you can drink the tap water in Barcelona (although it’s not obvious)

  • Coffee cup – there's an abundance of coffee shops

  • Utensils – for food markets

  • Suncream

  • A metal straw – they put straws in everything! If you're like me and dont use a straw, make sure you mention this prior to ordering

What to do: 

The Spanish are actually quite open to new ideas:

  • Learn some Spanish, it helps a lot, For example this means I don’t want a straw: "no necessity unable paja"

  • Look out for sneaky street food giving you napkins


I LOVED Barcelona, I could very very happily move there. The food is just too spectacular for words, I highly recommend eating sea food paella and all of the baked goods! 


The only struggle I had waste wise in Barcelona was snacks, normally in the UK I can go to a bakery and get a flapjack or a sandwich waste free. But in Barcelona, either the language barrier gets in the way or it’s just not assessable. By the time I’d even pointed at this croissant it came in packaging (at least it’s paper and not plastic). 


They do have lots fresh fruit which is great to snack on, I was impressed that most of it was package free, minus a few slip ups…


Gelato is a must, just make sure you ask for it without a napkin. Do this first before you order. 

They also have a good recycling scheme for aluminium which was lovely to see! 


At the end of the trip we visited Sagrada Familia, which is a must, and it turns out Gaudi predicted climate change: