Zero Waste Boston

Currency: Dollars

Language: English

What to bring: 

  • Drawstring bag – it’s perfect for carrying loose bakery items or fruit

  • Water bottle – you can drink the tap water in Barcelona (although it’s not obvious)

  • Coffee cup – there's an abundance of coffee shops

  • Utensils – for food markets

  • Suncream – if you make your own

  • A metal straw – they put straws in everything! If you're like me and dont use a straw, make sure you mention this prior to ordering

What to do: 

  • Be ready. People are waiting to give you waste constantly, whether it’s giveaways or at supermarkets, but get ready to say no, lots of times.

  • Shop smart, find the bakery and fruit isles for lots of zero waste fun

  • Go to local markets, you’ll find it a much more zero waste environment


My first day in Boston did not start well…

Within hours of scouring Boston for food we came across a food market. When I travel I always like to eat local food, it’s authentic and makes me submerge myself into the culture. This meant Clam Chowder was on the menu, which FYI is delicious, I naively ordered thinking they would give it to me on an actual plate. This of course didn’t happen, to my horror this did instead: 


Once I actually looked up places that had zero waste goods, things went a lot more smoothly. I found fruit, veg and chocolate at locations including Harvest Coop


What was great about the zero waste locations I found was that everything was local, which makes me super happy. I knew that the food I was buying was made close to that area, meaning less food miles.


The coffee cup culture annoyed me because, unlike London, they don’t use re-usable coffee cups. I spotted them EVERYWHERE and it drove me slightly crazy but hopefully with time we can change this!