Be a Borrower

I was that kind of child who watched about three films on repeat from the age of 4 to 7.  

If the film wasn't Matilda, Lady and the Tramp or The Borrowers, I didn't want to know. 

Rewatching these films as an adult had not only made me realise that I had impeccable taste for someone so young (!) but also that there are so many messages you skip over in these films when you're only a little one. 

Matilda was all about loving education, not about the hilarity of making Mrs Trunchbull afraid to live in her own home as it seemed haunted as I used to think. 

Lady and the Tramp wasn't meant to make me want a dog as much as it did, it was meant to show me that family and friends can pull you through almost anything. 

And The Borrowers... 

Well, I got this message when I was younger, but it's only now I realise that we need to copy what miniature Peagreen and Arrietty do. We need to become full-sized borrowers. 

We should borrow, not buy.

This world has too much stuff already. We can't use even half of the stuff we have, and we should stop hoarding it! The book Stuffocation was recommended to me by my aunty Fi and it was pivotal in my thinking about possessions and ownership.

With this in mind, here are five things to borrow, not buy:

A Zero Waste Life. Books and Library

A book

Simple and free. We should use our libraries more or we will lose access to them. I love getting reference books out for gardening and recipes as these are typically books I used to buy and then they just gather dust on my shelf.

Find or join your local library.

A gardening tool

Using a pressure hose once a year might be a waste of space and money, depending on what you fork out for it. If you buy cheaper to save the money, it may break after a few years. Tool companies like HSS Hire run schemes where you can borrow tools. There are also more local sites like The BorroClub. You don't need to stop at gardening tools. How about borrowing a carpet steamer, ladder, gazebo for the summer, cutlery for a party...

A designer dress

If you go to more posh events than I do, you may have a whole heap of nice dresses, shoes or bags in your wardrobe which never get worn for fear that someone will notice from your Insta feed that you wore that same dress back in '08. Why not borrow next time? Either from websites like Girl Meets Dress (where you could even borrow a wedding dress) or borrow off your friends. If you and your squad (yep, I did just say squad) just love each other's clothes so much, you could run your own clothes swap party or look if there's one happening in your local community. 

A Zero Waste Life. Borrowing

A car

I'm convinced my grandparents reckon my boyfriend and I have an unhealthy car purchasing addiction.

We don't! We rent them!

(I do tell them we don't own the cars, they just have the tendency to forget).

Depending on how often you use car rentals, you could opt for a yearly membership with Enterprise Car Club or you can just pay one-off fees if you won't use the service often.

Check out insurances. These companies will ALWAYS try and sell you insurance. We'd recommend taking out your own for the year to keep the cost down each time. 

If you hate driving, Bla Bla car is basically bumming lifts off people going your way.

A dog!

BorrowMyDoggy allows you to dog sit and dog walk without the full-time commitment of having a dog. We all know sharing is caring and dogs love new people so everyone is a winner. 

You can borrow almost anything, and these sites make it so easy!

Just a friendly disclaimer to use your common sense: Don't message strangers outside of these sites as the companies can't regulate or block the conversations if your lender starts to be a weirdo. When you meet up with them for the first time, take a friend too or let someone know where you're off to. 
Hopefully these suggestions have got you thinking that you could start lending some of your items and get them to earn their keep in your cupboard...