Zero Waste Toiletries

With a few simple switches, I’ve created a toiletry bag which is Zero Waste. The products I use last longer, so I save money and the time I would spend on buying them.


I use an alum rock. This is a mineral rock, which simply needs to be wet to use. I run it under the tap and rub it onto my armpits. It doesn’t stop me sweating completely (is there ANY deodorant that does that?!) but it does stop me smelling which is what I need!

Zero Waste Deodrant

It also soothes skin after shaving, which is what it is marketed as. Two uses in one- what a win. 


Since going Zero Waste, I’ve managed to eek out my makeup to last so much longer than before. When I do come to the end of a product, I go without it, by it package free or in recycled packaging or make my own.

The things I most commonly use are corn flour as a powder, crushed burnt almonds as eyebrow tint and a mascara from LUSH called Eyes Right


For face washing, I use a cotton flannel. If I need to save on space, I will leave this one out and just splash water on my face and rub it. I either use the body soap, mentioned below, to wash my face, or I take a gentle face soap. Dr Bronner’s Soap is pretty ace as you can use it for the face and body. I am yet to use it for more than that, but it can also be used to wash your hair, clean your clothes and more!

Zero Waste


Literally, any cream will do for me. I try to find soaps which are very moisturizing so that I can leave out moisturizing my body (I’m lazy, ok, don’t judge!) however, I always moisturize my face after washing it in the mornings and evenings.


At the moment, I use an olive oil soap, which is cheap and cheerful and cleans super well. Solid bars last way longer for me, and have no packaging- hoorah! I get mine from Holland and Barrett. These soaps come from Italy and France, so I have figured that next time I am travelling over there, I will buy one to save air miles and I will probably get a larger soap for less money!

Zero Waste Shampoo bar

Solid shampoo bar

I use two bars from LUSH, my shampoo is called Honey I Washed the Kids and my conditioner is called Sugar Daddy-O they’re not the cheapest way to wash hair, but they do last a heap longer than bottles. My have lasted years, as I tend to only use them whilst I am travelling and use up bottle shampoo I already own when I am at home. When travelling, I pop both into a metal tin.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

We’ve mentioned this before, but when Anna and I pick what to use for dental care, we don’t always pick the most Zero Waste option. I used to feel like I had to hang my head in shame about this point, but actually, I’m not worried about saying why I do this. I don’t yet trust the alternatives available to us in the way of plastic free dental care. I’ve tried to find articles which give me a balanced view of what should be in toothpaste, so I can make my own decision, but I am still yet to find a balanced argument. For this reason, I still use an electric toothbrush and toothpaste from a tube. Yes, I know it isn’t ideal, but I minimize the waste by reducing what I use and sending the toothbrushes and tubes off to be recycled. I’m sure to collect a lot of these before I send them off to make the air miles worth it.


I do use one sustainable item in my dental care! I use Geo Organics Charcoal floss, which is awesome as its biodegradable, unlike the plastic based alternatives.

Zero Waste Shaving


I use a butterfly razor, and omg, it's the best thing ever! I love it way more than a disposable razor as there is no waste and it shaves just as well. You can even sharpen the blades.

All in all, I take a lot less away with me now than I used to pre Zero Waste. The things I pack I know I will use so I waste less space which is also great