The easiest Zero Waste Snacks

I started writing this blog, then realized, hey! How can I write about snacks without consuming a snack?!

So now I am eating raisins, and writing… honestly, it is really helping the creativity flow.

A Zero Waste Life.  Snacks

Fruits and vegetables

We all know they’re super great to consume, also fruits and vegetables can leave zero waste when scraps are disposed of in a suitable composter. I have an allotment, so my composter is a cone bin with a hole in the bottom. Other options include wormeries or bokashi bins.

By considering where the fruits and vegetables were imported from or grown , I can also take responsibility for waste which may have occurred before the fruits and veg arrived at the shop or market I am purchasing them from. Ideally, I’d love for 2019 to be the year that I am able to eat more fruit and veg from my allotment so I am fully aware of where my produce has come from. Where this is not possible, I consider the airmiles products would have travelled in order to get to me.

A Zero Waste Life. Snacks

Nuts, seeds and goodies from bulk stores

When I buy foods with no packaging my life is heaps easier as I have nothing to dispose of when I have finished the foods.

I decant small amounts of snacks into Tupperware boxes I have. Sometimes I follow recipes  for cool combinations. Other times (like today!) I’ll just eat the goodies as they come.

If you don’t live near a Zero Waste or bulk store, try Plastic Free Pantry.

A Zero Waste Life. Make your own

Taking your own box

Certain shops are built on the expectation that you bring your own container. For those which aren’t, Anna and I like to introduce the idea to them!

Taking our own containers into to bakeries or using them for pick and mix sweets is a great way to cut waste, save time and eat yummy things! If you prefer, you could use a bees wax wrap, rather than a box (it will save you space, too!)

A Zero Waste Life. Lunch Box

Making your own

When I need a bit of a challenge, I like to research how to make packaged snack foods at home. On my list of things to try are; Pop Tarts, Oreos and cinnamon buns.

I’ve had great success with making flapjacks, toasting nuts in oils and herbs and making crackers.

A Zero Waste Life.  Freezer

Growing, preserving, freezing, dehydrating, pickling… whatever… you’ve got

The other day, some one told me how cool they thought the idea of Zero Waste was, as you get to be really innovative with finding alternatives to ‘problems’ you face.

I try and take that approach as much as possible, and look for exciting ways to recreate things I feel are too wasteful to purchase.

So, switching snacks to Zero Waste alternatives is relatively straightforward. A big bonus is that the snacks which aren’t wrapped in plastic also tend to be healthier too - yet another Zero Waste win!