4 ways to track your way to Zero Waste

I’ve always been one for a good list.

I can remember back to my GCSE art course work, and having the most epic list ever, of all the pages I had to complete, and the observations I had to write up. What felt like the most overwhelming amount of work at the time, is a lovely nostalgic memory- as that was one of the very few times I’ve written an enormous list, ticked it all off and then had literally no other tasks to do, as the end of GCES’s meant a long summer holiday off before I started a new college.

Ah, those were the days! List free and loving life.

If I’m honest with you though, I do really like writing, working through and ticking off items on a list. I't’s just so satisfying for a nerd like me.

For Zero Waste living, list writing helps me remember what’s being stored in the freezer, what I’m growing in the allotment and what items I need to use up before I switch to a more eco friendly alternative.

These are my favourite ways to keep my lists in check;

A Zero Waste Life.  Asana


I LOVE Asana when I need to project plan. It’s a brilliant visual tool for me (I’m dyslexic, so I’m all about the visuals) and using Asana had meant I’ve finally kicked my paper list habit, of which I used to have a new one daily. I’m not sponsored to post about them - I just find it really helpful! You can view your to do lists on a computer and in the app, which I find really convenient when random new ideas pop into my head.

A Zero Waste Life. Lists

Our groceries

A free and easy to use app, which two or more people can add notes to. Filippo and I do this for shopping, so that we can both see the shopping list and whoever gets to the shops first can buy whatever is still on the list. There are other shared list options out there such as Evernote.

Zero Waste Planner

We made a planner, just for you! This is a collection of specific Zero Waste editable sheets which will help lower your landfill waste. The whole idea is that you’ll get yourself closer to Zero Waste, but in a mindful way, so we have included reflective sheets too, so you can see how far you’ve come on your journey and what you want to tackle next.

A Zero Waste Life. Track your waste

Write reusable

If you are still all about non digital lists, try and switch the way you write your lists so there isn’t so much waste. Do you have a chalk board, or could you hunt for a second hand one online or at a charity shop? How about writing on scrap paper or using a dry wipe pen to write a list on your fridge?

A Zero Waste Life. Food Waste

What other ways do you keep track of your waste and things you have to do?