An Ethical Engagment!

I’ve very recently got engaged! Yippee, I’ve got an ethical wedding to plan! We’ve not set a date just yet, but that hasn’t stopped me planning! I was proposed to in a nice Zero Waste way, in the local park which is near where my allotment is. It’s a pretty special park for us, as it’s where we take a short walk to most evenings. After we got engaged, we had a nice bottle of Prosecco to celebrate.

I’ve been involved in a fair few weddings before this point. I’m lucky enough to have been a bridesmaid SEVEN times! I was a bridesmaid for each of my three aunties, my cousin and three of my best friends (as you can imagine, my bridesmaid list is all ready pretty long because of this!)

The average wedding produces 300kg of waste, I’d love to be aiming for zero landfill waste, and am hoping to implement as much of the following as I can, and this has already started with how we got engaged.

British tradition dictates that a man should spend 2 months worth of salary on the engagement ring. Filippo and I have already disregarded that rule, as we both know how easily I could loose a ring whilst litter picking, growing vegetables or baking- it’s not worth the heartache! I’m also against a new ring as I’ve heard some horrors about the diamond industry. The Natural Wedding Company have some lovely links to ethical brands if you’d like a new ring.

This is the ring I was proposed with. It belonged to my great grandmother, and I very un subtly presented it to Filippo and asked that he propose to me with it (I know what I want, okay?!)

A Zero Waste Life. Engagement ring

Our original plan was to alter the ring he proposed with to be more durable. The problem with the lovely ring he proposed with is that its very old and the setting isn’t very strong, so the pearls might fall out. Various friends and family members offered me their old jewellry to repurpose, but the price we were going to spend on remodelling the ring was a little more than we wanted to spend.

This rose quarts ring was one of the rings which I was planning to remodel.

This rose quarts ring was one of the rings which I was planning to remodel.

Filippo and I had a couple of fun days out trying on rings. I was really adamant that I wanted a second hand one, so we only went into one high street jewelers (they’re rings were lovely and shiny, but I really wanted to know more about the ethics behind them)

So, we opted for this shiny number!

A Zero Waste Life. Rings

Its a 18 carat gold with a solitaire diamond (which we both thought made it extra special, but it just means it’s a solo diamond!) It’s a brilliant cut, so it looks ever so shiny. The ring was adjusted to fit my finger, which is a K and a half, if that means anything to you.

Overall, I’m pretty chuffed to be engaged (!) and to have found a ring which is within our set budget and ticks my boxes in terms of low waste.

I will, no doubt, keep you up to date with ALL my other wedding plans!