A week long food challenge with Zero Food Waste

Zero Office Food Waste

This week long food challenge will show you how to cook quick, healthy midweek lunches and snacks, whilst producing as little food waste as possible.

We’re all looking for ways to lower waste, but this can be so hard to priorities when you’re short on time in the middle of the week. This food challenge has been put together to help you plan ahead, eat well and cut down on food waste.

You’ll have a snack and lunch per day. The snacks store well, so will be made in bulk- depending on how much you eat, you can always take a few snacks into work with you!

7 things you need to know before you begin:

  1. These meals have been designed to be used with a vegetable box delivery, though there is also a full shopping list if you’d like to purchase your own. This was to help save time, though if your budget is tight it may well be cheaper to buy the groceries from a supermarket. Here are some tips on how you can lower food waste whilst food shopping.

  2. Dried ingredients can be purchased at a Zero Waste shop, where you can decant the ingredients straight into your own containers, and only pay for what you need. All the ingredients I used have been purchased from Plastic Free Pantry.

  3. Take these meals and snacks into work in air tight containers, this can include a jar, box or container from a take-away

  4. These meals are all vegan, add cheese and meats as you wish

  5. Follow the meal plan in order to keep food waste to an absolute minimum

  6. Below is a meal plan at glance. Book mark this page on your device, rather than printing it out to save on paper

  7. Drink water with these meals! Use a lovely reusable bottle or glass you have in the office


Zero Waste Life Lunch Challange

Sunday is the Funday. It’s all about the prep, to get you ready for the week. If you can’t spare time on the Sunday, you can prep on the Saturday, but I’d recommend freezing as much as possible. You will make date ball snacks, which you can customise how you wish. You will also assemble your meals for Monday on the Sunday. Click here to be taken to the preparation instructions

A Zero Waste Life. Lunches

Todays snack freezes well, and can also be eaten for breakfast, if you’re cupboards are a little bare! You will each the first flat bread you batch made today, and you will the other 3 throughout the week. Click here to be taken to the preparation instructions

Zero Waste Food Waste

Freezing fruits and veggies is so simple, and I will give you tips of how to have better success with freezing- including how to prevent getting a massive frozen clump of berries! This potato pea curry is one of the easiest ever to make as you’ve pre roasted all the veggies already! Click here to be taken to the preparation instructions


I love a nice chunky soup, but if you want to, you can thin it out with the stock made at the beginning of the week, which will add a great flavour to the dish. These spiced nuts can be altered easily, if you’re not a big fan of the spice! Click here to be taken to the preparation instructions, start on from the Wednesday preparation.

Zero Waste Life food

This is the final day of the challenge, and will be eaten on the Friday. The vegetable noodle soup is a great way to use up anything which is lurking in your fridge, but some vegetables do get saved at the start of the week for this dish, to ensure you don’t end up eating only noodles! Click here to be taken to the preparation instructions, start on from the Wednesday preparation.


Sun (week prep).png