How to Prepare Office Zero Waste Food Challenge

If you’re on board to take part in the weeklong Zero Food Waste Challenge, you’re going to need to get a few things ready. Being prepared is a huge chunk of what Zero Waste Living is all about. And in this case, I have done all the thinking for you, you just need to follow the steps. You’re welcome.

A Zero Waste Life. Preperation

Step 1: Decide your start date

The recipes and preparation has been designed so that you begin your preparation on the Sunday, ready for the work week. If you want to start on a different day (maybe you don’t work Monday, you lucky thing!) just adjust the days to include a preparation day before hand and time to have sourced your ingredients.

Step 2: Gather your equipment. Borrow or buys second hand anything you don’t have and cannot make do without

This is what you will need:

  1. Chopping board

  2. Knife

  3. Vegetable peeler

  4. Blender

  5. Frying pan. I use a cast iron pan, use what you have

  6. Sauce pan. This is to make stock in, so any large pan works

  7. Measuring cup or scales

  8. Mixing bowl

  9. Wooden spoon

  10. Roasting tray

  11. Various air tight containers to take your food to work in

A Zero Waste Life. Riverford

Step 3: Check your cupboards and fridge for what you already have in

Take a look around your house to check if you’ve got any of the items on the shopping list in your house already.

Step 4: Order or shop for your food

Here is your shopping list:

A Zero Waste Life. Shopping List

These meal plans have been designed to work with a Vegetable box order. The recipes use a small Riverford box (not a sponsored link) . Take a look at other Vegetable Boxes which may be near by your home. You may have a preferred method of shopping already. If you shop at a Farmers Market, here are some tips on lowering your waste.

If you have a Zero Waste shop near you, all of the store cupboard ingredients are what you’d typically be able to buy in one of these shops.

If you have a tight budget (I feel you, I’ve had to do Zero Waste on a shoe string, too) then I’d recommend shopping in normal supermarkets, but sticking to the parameters of the shop, as this is typically where unpackaged items like vegetables. Just a heads up, Zero Waste is hard to do in supermarkets. You may well need to adapt the recipes a fair bit, or end up with some packaging somehow. If this happens, try to not dwell on this too much- there are Zero Waste tips throughout the week which you can focus on.

A Zero Waste Life. Zero Waste stock

Step 5: Store your foods correctly

Here is a very handy guide to help determine where and how to store foods without plastic.

Step 6: Begin your Sunday night preparing to make things for the upcoming week and your food for Monday

Sunday night preparation involves roasting vegetables and making wraps. You will also make the meals for Monday- Wednesday. Wednesday is the second preparation day.

Step 7: Yippee, let’s get started!!