Banana Oat Cookie

Cookies that are good for you?! Oh, yes please!

Okay, maybe not ‘good’ for you if you eat the whole batch, but certainly pretty okay as cookies go!

These cookies are a great way to use up bananas which are going slightly brown. The more brown marks on a banana, the sweeter they’re likely to be, so don’t compost those bananas too quickly- they still have life left in them!

If you’re bananas are pretty fresh, you may find that you’d like to add a little bit of liquid sweetener to the recipes. I’d recommend honey, agave syrup or maple syrup. Though you may find the optional extras you add in mean you don’t need any extra sweetener at all.

This post links in with a weeklong Zero Waste food challenge, it is prepared on SUNDAY and eaten when you wish during the week.

A Zero Waste Life. Banana oat cookies

Banana oat cookies




-Chopping board and knife 


-Baking tray. If your tray need baking parchment, I have used this compostable baking parchment and silicone mats like these Neither of those links are affiliated, I’d recommend searching on second hand apps, in local shops or online to find some which suit your budget.


-2 bananas

-100g oats

-100g chopped dates or whole raisins

-Optionals - Chopped nuts, Dark Chocolate chips, Cinnamon and Ginger.


1.    Mash the banana in a bowl with a fork. Mash to a smooth paste.

2.    Mix in the oats and dried fruits

3.    Using a teaspoon, take a spoonful of mixture and place onto a baking tray.

4.    Slightly press the mixture to make a small cookie shape

5.    Repeat with rest of mixture. This should make about 20 cookies

6.    Bake cookies at 200 degrees for 10 minutes

7.    Leave to cool


The cookies which you don't take to work can be kept in a box in the fridge and eaten within three days or kept in the freezer for up to a month

A Zero Waste Life. banana Oat Cookies

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This article links in with a weeklong Zero Waste food challenge, which aims to produce Zero Food Waste, which you can partake in whenever you like.