Cinnamon toasted peas

This recipe is a firm favourite.

Cooking with dried beans used to seem daunting to me, before I really understood how to get the best out of them.

A Zero Waste Life. Chickpeas

My preferred method of cooking them, is to batch soak and cook them, then freeze any I don’t use. Alternatively, any that don’t get used can be made into this awesome snack! If you want any more guidance, this video gives a bit more background info.

If you cannot get dried beans without sustainable packaging (I use that term loosely, as this will depend on where you are based in the world, and how easy it is for you to recycle and reuse certain types of packaging) then there is no issue in getting beans in jars or tins, as the bulk soaking of these beans and pulses will reduce water wastage. Jars are always my preference as some tins are lined with plastics.

This post links in with a weeklong Zero Waste food challenge, it is prepared on SUNDAY and eaten when you wish during the week.

Cinnamon toasted peas


-Frying pan (I love to use cast iron)

-Wooden spoon

-Air tight box


-50g peas or beans. This works well with Carlin Peas or chickpeas. If you’re beans are dried, follow these steps first. If they’re from a can or have been soaked, strain the water off and use the water to feed a house plant.

-1tsp coconut oil

-1tsp cinnamon

-1tsp honey or maple syrup


1.    Heat  the coconut in the pan

2.    Add the peas and continually stir for 5 minutes to get slightly toasted. Don’t let the oil heat so much that it smokes. 

3.    Drizzle over the honey or maple syrup

4.    Remove from heat and sprinkle with cinnamon

5.    Leave to cool and store out of the fridge for up to 3 days

A Zero Waste Life. Chickpeas


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This article links in with a weeklong Zero Waste food challenge, which aims to produce Zero Food Waste, which you can partake in whenever you like.