Curry Spiced Nuts

Nuts are pretty great as they come, but every so often I love to toast them in herbs or spices to give them a little extra something.

A Zero Waste Life. Spiced Nuts

Packets of crisps are a no go since I’ve given up things in single use packaging. I like to think of this snack as a similar sort of vibe to crisps especially as you can change the herbs and spices to suit your taste.

I toast mine on the hob, as I don’t do many servings at once, and it also means I can keep an eye on them. If you want to toast loads at once, it may well be with toasting in the oven. Toast nuts in the oven at about 170°c and check on them every 5 minuets to avoid charcoal nuts.

This post links in with a weeklong Zero Waste food challenge, it is prepared on SUNDAY and eaten when you wish during the week.

Curry spiced nuts


-60g mixed nuts

-1 tsp curry spice ( you can also use a variety of different options here. For Example 1 tsp Paprika or 1/2 tsp Chilli powder)


1.    Heat nuts in a dry pan on a medium heat for 4 minutes to begin to release the oils

2.    Add spice and move nuts and spice around the pan to coat the nuts. Heat for 3 more minutes, but remove from heat if nuts begin to catch

3.    Remove from heat, leave to cool and store in a box or jar


Note: This makes two snack servings, recipe can be scaled up easily


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This article links in with a weeklong Zero Waste food challenge, which aims to produce Zero Food Waste, which you can partake in whenever you like.