Zero Waste Office Food Waste Challenge. The Preparation Days

These guidelines are to help you prepare for the Zero Waste Office Food Waste Challenge. The challenge begins on a Monday, with preparation happening on Sunday and Wednesday, though you are welcome to adapt this set up to meet your schedule.

Here is the shopping list and the starter guidelines, incase you missed them.

A Zero Waste Life.

Sunday Perpetration

By making the vast majority of your prep on Sunday, you minimise the amount of time you actually need to use in the week. This allows you to easily integrate these changes into your everyday life. The prep will take a few hours, but most of it is oven roasting or things that can be done on the hob and checked on occasionally.

  1. Soak and cook the peas or beans. I use Carlin Peas in these recipes. Dried peas and beans cook faster after they have been rehydrated. Soak them overnight from Saturday or Sunday morning to be used later in the afternoon. Follow this guide if cooking with dried beans seems daunting (I used to feel the same before I got used to how to cook with them!)

  2. Roast the vegetables.

  3. Make the flatbreads. The flatbreads you make on the Sunday will be used throughout the week for lunches and snacks. If you like, you can double up the recipe as they freeze really well

  4. Freeze Some Veg for Friday- Chop up any Veg you can eat raw. Add some that can be eaten raw into a jar in the freezer for Fridays lunch, Jam Jar Noodle Soup

  5. Save your Scraps! - Saving the scraps from chopping your veg is a great way to make a tasty Vegetable Scrap Stock for use in all manner of recipes.  

  6. Make the lunches for the beginning of the week- These are:

    Roasted Vegetable Noodles

    Hummus and Vegetable wrap

    Bean and Potato Curry

  7. Make the weeks snacks Make all your snacks for the week on Sunday pick out 2 or 3 of the recipes below (or, you know, make all 5 if you like…) This allows you to mix and match what you’d like and also means you will have a snack already with you so you don’t have to buy more!

Date Balls

Banana Oat Cookies

Curry Spiced Nuts

Hummus and ‘crisps’

Cinnamon toasted peas


Wednesday Preparation

  1. Make the lunches for the remainder of the week just two to do today! See, it was worth all of that prep on Sunday!

    Soup with Flat Bread Croutons

    Jam Jar Noodle Soup

Your waste saving tips

 All the recipes featured have been designed to waste as little food as possible, but some waste will still be created, due to the fact that there will be peelings, stalks, cores or spare vegetables. You’re waste saving tips will be found on the recipe of each snack and lunch. Here they are at a glance:

Vegetable Scrap Stock

How to Pickle Vegetables and Avoid Food Waste

Washing and Chopping Vegetables to cut back on Food Waste

How to Freeze Excess Fruits and Vegetables

A guide to composting in small and big spaces

If you need any help during your challenge, I recommend contacting us via Facebook, Instagram or email: