Hummus, from any beans you like!

A Zero Waste Life. Hummus

Cooking with dried beans and pulses can be a little daunting at first, but I promise you, it’ll make the loveliest hummus.

I have used carlin peas in this recipe, which are a British alternative to chickpeas. You can use any bean you can get from a Zero Waste shop, or, you can use beans from a tin or jar. I prefer using dried beans, but if you’re unsure how to begin with, I’ve broken down the steps in this video.

You’ll notice tin this recipes I have peeled the peas in this recipe. This part is really not necessary, but it does lead to smoother hummus, so it is up to you. The shells can be composted.



-Blender. I have a fancy high powered Thermomix, but any blender you have will do. If you have one which is a little lower in power, you may need to let your blender cool down in between blending and scraping, so it doesn’t overheat and die on you!



-Lemon juicer

See points below if you haven’t got a grater/ zester or lemon juicer (I don’t so I have some hacks!)


-50g Carlin peas. Shelled, if desired, but this isn’t necessary

-Half lemon. Squeezed and zested.

-2 garlic cloves

-1 tbs tahini

-Optional-salt, ground cumin or paprika to taste 


1.    Add peas to blender. Pulse on high for a minute.

2.    Scrape side edges of blender. Add all other ingredients

3.    Pulse on high for a minute

4.    Add water a tbsp. at a time to get a consistency you desire.

5. Add the optional ingredients, as desired

This stores well for 4-5 days in the fridge.

Tips to save you buying more kitchen gadgets:

Zester/ grater alternative

I recently picked up a grater in a charity shop, but before I had one, I’d just peel lemons with a vegetable peeler and chop the zest finely.

Lemon Juicer Alternative

I don’t own a lemon juicer, so I squeeze a lemon in kitchen tongs. If you don’t have one, just use your hands! I squeeze lemons upside down, or at an angle to avoid the pips going into dishes.

A Zero Waste Life. Juicing

Did you make this recipe?

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This article links in with a weeklong Zero Waste food challenge, which aims to produce Zero Food Waste, which you can partake in whenever you like.