My quest to get ZERO junk mail

I get a whole loada junk mail.

It feels like now I’ve got adulty things like credit cards, marketers have decided I have an obscene amount of cash (this is entirely untrue!) and want to go on fancy holidays, get another credit card, change my broadband provider to a much more expensive one and just spend spend spend.


And, I really don’t want that at all.

I’m much more interested in saving this lovely planet we call home… so all this useless junk mail really irks me.

I’d heard of people opting out of junk mail before, and I got the wrong end of the stick with it. I thought your mail got stopped in the sorting office, and they took it away to dispose of there- so I thought it was actually better if the mail came to me, so that I could recycle it properly and cut out all the plastic windows...


When people working in advertisements and marketing want to send post out, they get lists of consumers who match their customer profiles. They then send their offers off to these people. If you’ve opted out of the lists (yes, lists plural) then you won’t be sent the post, as they would have never made one for you in the first place- hoorah!

Annoyingly, it's a bit of a lengthy process, so I have documented my quest, to make it as simple as possible for you to do the same.

Opting out with Royal Mail

Royal Mail allow you to opt out of receiving leaflets or unaddressed marketing materials. This means you may miss out on certain circulatory post within your local community, so double check you’re ok with doing that first.

Ironically, you need to send them a paper form, which can be downloaded and handed into your local post office, or you can collect one in branch and hand it in.

Opting out with Mailing Preference Service

This one can be completed fully online. Hoorah, no paper wasted.

The Mailing Preference Service (MPS) require that you opt out online for each person who lives at the property who wasn’t to stop receiving junk mail.

You then get an email back from them and have to confirm that you wish to opt out by logging back onto their website.

Opting out of Direct Marketing Association

For this one, you have to email them first, then they send you an opting out pack which you have to scan and send back or post back to:

A Zero Waste Life. Junk Mail

'Your Choice' Preference Service

Direct Marketing Association

DMA House

70 Margaret Street



You can request that the pack is sent to you, by using the same email address.

Opting out of specific charities junk mail

I haven’t done this one, as I don’t seem to get much mail from charities. If you do, opt out with the Fundraising Regulator. You’ll need the companies charity registration number, which you can easily find online or on the junk mail you have been sent.

And a final tip… 

To try and stop all of those take away leaflets, window cleaning services and other junk, you could simply put a note by your letterbox- it will probably be ignored most of the time, but hey, at least you tried!

All this opting out only lasts two years- so as soon as your start to get that junk mail back on your door mat, it’s time to repeat this irritating cycle again!