Zero Waste Berlin

Zero Waste Berlin

Since opting for a zero waste lifestyle I now find it relatively easy as I've got a routine. I know where to buy zero waste food, what tupperware I'll need in London and I remember to constantly ask for drinks without a straw. 

However when you go to a new country it's a WHOLE new ball game. Each country looks at waste differently as they have often have different systems of dealing with it. If you're thinking of heading to Berlin, here are some of my zero waste tips:

  • Bring a beeswax bag or cotton bag – there are copious amount of bakeries selling yummy pretzels. Luckily, they don't mind you offering up your bag instead of a paper bag.

  • You can drink the tap water – there's no need to buy plastic bottles, just bring a metal water bottle and you can fill up anywhere. If you do forget your bottle, most of their plastic cups are compostable, which is great!

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