The good, better and best Bread guide

The good, better and best Bread guide

Bread, brood, pane, pain, brød, duona, kruh

Wherever you live and whatever you call it, bread is likely to be in your diet in some form or another.

I love it as much as the next person –the smell of it when it's just baked, the versatility of it, the different varieties along with the variety of toppings it can be matched with. 

Sad news time. 

I'm gluten intolerant which is tricky to navigate in the world of zero waste – because the gluten free loaves of bread are often those ones which are in shrink wrap plastic, they have excess non-recyclable packaging or have inner cardboard sleeves which are non-recyclable due to food contamination. I understand, for consumers who are celiac, they need to trust that their foods have not touched any gluten containing items so they can rest assured that they're not about to poison themselves. 

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