A Green Period

A Green Period

It was the realisation of the Tampon Tax that started my search for sanitary alternatives.

I felt cheated by the fact that I was paying money I was unaware of for the ‘luxury’ of bleeding. I actually made this lower waste change about six months before I officially started my zero waste Journey. It’s a big change.

Society has lead us to think reusable sanitary alternatives are a bit, well, weird

A few people I’ve mentioned reusable period items to are a bit freaked out by the idea. We’ve gotten used to the fact that sanitary products should be disposable and that they fit in line with other medical waste – but that's missing the point on so many levels.

By opting for reusable products I don’t leave blood anywhere as it either goes straight in the toilet, or I just wash it off the pad. Nothing is left to rot in landfill or swim amongst the fishes. The waste produced isn't toxic, it just needs to be cleaned off relatively quickly, for hygiene, but more to stop the staining of the product.

Like with so many other products, advertising has led us to believe that we NEED these products. Not only to be clean, but also to participate in sporting activities, go out on dates and function as a human; you know which kind of adverts I’m referring to.

Just like so many other disposable products, we have perfectly awesome alternatives, which work as well, if not better.

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