Orange Infused Cleaning Spray

Orange Infused Cleaning Spray

We rent our property and the extractor fan in our bathroom has been broken since before we moved in, which means it can be prone to mould on a regular basis. It's usually found around the window ledges, in the shower cubicle and around the sink.

White vinegar in a repurposed spray bottle is the cheapest, most eco-friendly and easiest way I have found to clean this mould. 

White vinegar is an awesome cleaner.

I use it in the kitchen, on the hob, on the surfaces and around all of our appliances. Anyone who has seen me cook knows that I can go from a relatively clean kitchen to one that is covered in crumbs in a matter of moments. White vinegar is the one product which I use to get rid of all of the mess I make.

Sounds perfect, doesn't it? There's a drawback.

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