The easiest Zero Waste Snacks

The easiest Zero Waste Snacks

I started writing this blog, then realized, hey! How can I write about snacks without consuming a snack?!

So now I am eating raisins, and writing… honestly, it is really helping the creativity flow.

Fruits and vegetables

We all know they’re super great to consume, also fruits and vegetables can leave zero waste when scraps are disposed of in a suitable composter. I have an allotment, so my composter is a cone bin with a hole in the bottom. Other options include wormeries or bokashi bins.

By considering where the fruits and vegetables were imported from or grown , I can also take responsibility for waste which may have occurred before the fruits and veg arrived at the shop or market I am purchasing them from. Ideally, I’d love for 2019 to be the year that I am able to eat more fruit and veg from my allotment so I am fully aware of where my produce has come from. Where this is not possible, I consider the airmiles products would have travelled in order to get to me.

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