Jam Jar Noodle Soup

Jam Jar Noodle Soup

This warm noodle soup is an excellent winter warmer for in the office. You have the option to leave out the stock and use water from the kettle at your workplace to heat these noodles, but i prefer the more intense flavour which comes from the noodles being in the stock. You can add fresh herbs like coriander, if you wish.

This article links in with a weeklong Zero Waste food challenge, which aims to produce Zero Food Waste. This is the lunch for FRIDAY which is prepared on WEDNESDAY.

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Soup with Flat Bread Croutons

If you’ve been participating in the weeklong Zero Waste food challenge, this meal and the jar noodle soup are two excellent ways to use up any leftovers you have hanging around in the fridge. If you’re not doing the challenge, you can still make this soup easily, but do roast or boil the vegetables before you use them in this recipe.

For the challenge, this meal is prepared on the WEDNESDAY and eaten on the THURSDAY.

A Zero Waste Life. Roast Vegetables





-Any left over roasted vegetables, including root vegetables, like potatoes

-Vegetable scrap stock (or stock cube dissolved in 500ml water)

-Homemade flatbread or croutons made from slightly stale bread, lightly fried in a little oil


1.    Add all the vegetables to the blender, with a splash of water or stock

2.    Blend. Check consistency

3.    Add more water as needed to create the desired consistency

4.    Chop wrap into small squares

5.    Store the soup in one box or a vacuum flask and the croutons in another. Heat the soup at work and tip the croutons onto the soup when hot


If you like soup of a thinner consistency, you may create more than one portion. This freezes very well, in either a box or jam jar.

A Zero Waste Life. Blender

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This article links in with a weeklong Zero Waste food challenge, which aims to produce Zero Food Waste, which you can partake in whenever you like.

A week long food challenge with Zero Food Waste

A week long food challenge with Zero Food Waste

This week long food challenge will show you how to cook quick, healthy midweek lunches and snacks, whilst producing as little food waste as possible.

We’re all looking for ways to lower waste, but this can be so hard to priorities when you’re short on time in the middle of the week. This food challenge has been put together to help you plan ahead, eat well and cut down on food waste.

You’ll have a snack and lunch per day. The snacks store well, so will be made in bulk- depending on how much you eat, you can always take a few snacks into work with you!

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