What's in the (zero waste!) bag?

What's in the (zero waste!) bag?

I tend to find that the times I’m most likely to produce waste are when I am out and about for work or trips, and maybe haven’t had enough time to prepare for the day as I would like.

Carrying round certain things in my backpack ensures that I can still minimize waste, even if I haven’t had the time to do full meal prep. I opt for a backpack as I tend to carry quite a bit of stuff alongside what is listed below. It's a personal choice how much of these things you want to take around, and how big your bag will need to be to accommodate that.


Anna uses a spork, I carry around a fork from my cutlery drawer. Depending on what you like to eat, you might consider a spoon or chopsticks instead. Also, if you like drinking with a straw, you could purchase a reusable one made from stainless steel, glass or bamboo.

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