Founded in August 2017, Zero Waste Life is a blog and not-for- profit which aims to empower journeys towards Zero Waste Living. Whether you are well on your journey to not needing a bin, or feel a little overwhelmed by the magnitude of the whole lifestyle, we’re here to help.


Workshops and talks

Our signature programme, Plastic Soup, can be adapted and delivered to various school timetables and budgets.


As a trained Eco Schools Assessor, Charlotte can support learners to audit waste, and inspire habit change.


Audits, consultations and workshops

Let us support you to inspire your team to waste less, and save money off your bottom line.

Brand promotion and collaborations

If your business has a product which fits our ethics, get in contact with us to see how we could collaborate.

Zero Waste Journey

Courses and resources

From free resources, to dedicated 1:1 support to reach your Zero Waste goals, we’re her to help

Further inspiration

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