Our mission

To improve communty pride through zero waste initatives by reducing and reusing landfill waste


Zero Waste in the Community was born out of the idea that access to a zero waste lifestyle should be available to all, no matter who you are, where you live or how much you earn... 

but that's way easier said than done, especially when zero waste, eco-friendly product alternatives can cost a lot more. All of our projects aim to educate and facilitate zero waste initiatives.

Our workshops and talks provide practical zero waste alternatives which people can use in their own homes to reduce waste, save money and save the planet.

Our community empolyment projects offer jobs to those in our local demographic making products out of materials which may otherwise go to landfill.


Fungi Feast- Birmingham's Micro Mushroom Farm

Our Micro Mushroom Farm will help solve the frustration of being unable to buy plastic free mushrooms easily. 

Cafes have to pay extra to get their organic waste composted, so we collect used coffee grounds and use it them grow mushrooms in. 

Why coffee grounds? Well because it's super easy to grow things in!

Why mushrooms? Likewise, super easy to grow!

The mushrooms are then sold back to the cafes or local farmers markets.

Slowly, we're beginning to change Birmingham’s plastic dependent food scene. The more mushrooms we grow, the more local cafes we can support through taking their coffee waste and selling them yummy organic produce.

Plastic Soup

Since Blue Planet 2 was on the T.V. we're all way more aware of our single use plastic addiction. 

But how do we REALLY start to reduce what we use and save the planet?

Plastic Soup is a 5 week project working with local primary schools to Reduce, Refuse, Repurpose, Recycle and Regenerate waste. 

We regrow food from kitchen scraps, make puppets out of plastic bottles and we make handy reusable alternatives to avoid plastic waste in lunch boxes. 

The project is tied together by a story 'Plastic Soup' how one whale can't find anything for his dinner....

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Our board of directors:

Charlotte, Anna and Chloe (and Franklin the tortoise!) make up the not-for-profit board of directors for Zero Waste in the Community.

Our supporters through funding, training and networks: